Apartment in Ljubljana, unique mixture of antique, luxury and modern style.

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Luxury apartment in Ljubljana is a very bright place with carefuly selected design with a touch of european antique, oriental carpets and furniture of a modern stile.

The Space
E&E Apartment in Ljubljana is a very bright place with the size of 130m2 and can easily accommodate the group of 5 or 3 couples of 6 without affecting their stay. Even if you are a single traveler or someone who like high tech appliances or not at all, the apartment in Ljubljana will nicely accommodate you too. (temperature in the apartment can be set for you remotely by the owners phone if needed) High ceilings of 3.7m can surely bring some thoughts about the past.

Rooms in the apartment are separated with thick walls aprox. 60cm thick. It consists of 3 separated bedrooms of which 2 of them has king size beds (210x180) and one single bedroom (210x90).

Living room has LCD TV with a flat screen, DVD player.

Apartment has separated kitchen with a dining table. In kitchen among other accessories you'll also find toaster, espresso machine, microwave… Water from the faucet is safe to drink.

Bathroom contains a shower with 300L of hot water on 55C heated by a heat pump.

Free WIFI as free parking place are also part of this apartment. Which has all together 4 secured parking places. Parking place at the entrance door is for the guests who come with motor bikes so they can see them at any time. (all in all it's safe neighbourhood anyway).

We don't have hidden costs. Everything in the apartment you can use for free.

Guest Access
Guest will only be able to access booked areas.

Interaction with Guests
Help is provided 24/7 from the time of your booking, durring your stay and untill you leave. Before your arrival your host will establish a contact to arrange for the time of your arrival. Durring your stay your host will be available to you for any other help if needed.
The Neighbourhood
E&E Apartment in Ljubljana is located in a quiet part of the city in the center of the ring formed by the river Ljubljanica as one of it's rooms shares the view to the hill Golovec. Within the ring there are elementary school, secondary schools, high schools, academy, faculties, parks, recreation centers, walking/running path Golovec and the Ljubljana Castle. Ljubljanica river offers cruises along the old city center. Two stores Mercator and Hofer (Aldi) are just across the street. The closest sightseeing a Dragon bridge is few minutes on foot away and you will reach it on your way toward the main square which is according to tourists reviews 10-15min of a nice walk by the Ljubljanica river.


 Getting Around
E&E Apartment in Ljubljana is 2.1km away from the main bus station and railway station and 34km away from the airport of Ljubljana from which we can arrange you our own transport. The main square (Presern square) of the city is reachable on foot from 10 - 15min of a nice walk by the Ljubljanica river.

We offer our own taxi service. There is also urban public transport (bus numbers 5 and 13). One parking place is already included in the price.

Other Things to Note
- Guests will be informed in good time about events affecting their stay.

- Tourist tax is not included in the price. (1.27EUR/person/night)

- The main square of the city is a car-free zone while garages are payable.

- Our apartment is reachable by taxi and our taxi driver will bring you right in front of it. (or your navigation system)

Apartment in Ljubljana

Center map

Let us tell you a short story how it all began...

Some day between summer and winter on my way home from work on a sunny day I saw a spectacular view on the mountains covered with snow. Wearing just a t-shirt on top i couldn't just turn my car towards them. Few months later during winter time a business lead me to the coastline of Slovenia and again it was indescribable when i got there. Second thought which came through our discussion with my brother when we meet at home was: »How can somebody become a part of it?« After discussing another hidden treasures of our country and having in mind our empty apartment in Ljubljana city which was still in desperate need of renovation at that time an idea came up. Let's renovate it, let's meet new people, let's share it. Because what's all that beauty around if you can't share it to the world?
So here we are today June 24.2015.
Ervin and Erik (we) are both E&E Apartments hosts who'll help your stay be by your expectations. Happy, memorable, enjoyable... as for those who come in business time stress-free and successful. Even if you have never been to Ljubljana (Slovenia) before, we'll provide you with all information a visitor could need and you'll fit in in a shortest time possible. (become a local). We also cover a taxi transport from the airport to the apartment in Ljubljana center if needed. Our property can also be reached by helicopter. (heliport).
Since we both travel a lot we understand what tourists want, need and expect. Our both experiences from travelling abroad are part of our apartment. As nothing is completely perfect we always take our guests reviews seriously to make changes which help us grow, improve and become unique.
The apartment is a result of spreading our business on tourism with which we have created another brand.
As every country has it's own hidden jewels and we're having another apartment in a desperate need of renovation in Montenegro we're planning in a close future to open it in the capital city of Montenegro in faith to spread that same brand. To share it to the world.
Since our apartment in Ljubljana is open 365 days/year we both have created solutions to keep it's temperature to our guests comfortable. Both machines Thermia heat pump and a Gree air condition we can manage remotely with our phones for you if you find it necessary. (15th September 2015)

We hope to see you soon to become a part of all, our guest, a local.

Ervin / Erik
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