Apartment in Ljubljana


Let us tell you a short story how it all began...

Some day between summer and winter on my way home from work on a sunny day I saw a spectacular view on the mountains covered with snow. Wearing just a t-shirt on top i couldn't just turn my car towards them. Few months later during winter time a business lead me to the coastline of Slovenia and again it was indescribable when i got there. Second thought which came through our discussion with my brother when we meet at home was: »How can somebody become a part of it?« After discussing another hidden treasures of our country and having in mind our empty apartment in Ljubljana city which was still in desperate need of renovation at that time an idea came up. Let's renovate it, let's meet new people, let's share it. Because what's all that beauty around if you can't share it to the world?
So here we are today June 24.2015.
Ervin and Erik (we) are both E&E Apartments hosts who'll help your stay be by your expectations. Happy, memorable, enjoyable... as for those who come in business time stress-free and successful. Even if you have never been to Ljubljana (Slovenia) before, we'll provide you with all information a visitor could need and you'll fit in in a shortest time possible. (become a local). We also cover a taxi transport from the airport to the apartment in Ljubljana center if needed. Our property can also be reached by helicopter. (heliport).
Since we both travel a lot we understand what tourists want, need and expect. Our both experiences from travelling abroad are part of our apartment. As nothing is completely perfect we always take our guests reviews seriously to make changes which help us grow, improve and become unique.
The apartment is a result of spreading our business on tourism with which we have created another brand.
As every country has it's own hidden jewels and we're having another apartment in a desperate need of renovation in Montenegro we're planning in a close future to open it in the capital city of Montenegro in faith to spread that same brand. To share it to the world.
Since our apartment in Ljubljana is open 365 days/year we both have created solutions to keep it's temperature to our guests comfortable. Both machines Thermia heat pump and a Gree air condition we can manage remotely with our phones for you if you find it necessary. (15th September 2015)

We hope to see you soon to become a part of all, our guest, a local.

Ervin / Erik
E&E Apartments

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About the apartment...

Apartment is part of a building built in 1882 which is declared as a cultural heritage of Ljubljana Slovenia. On a ground plan you can see a schedule of all of it's rooms. Entire size measures about 130m2. Walls are about 60cm thick, ceilings approx 3.7m high. Interior design such as curtains, bed linens etc. are all our own work.

Apartment is suitable for families, friends, couples, business partners… according to it's categorization max. of 4 stars it can accommodate max. of 5 people. Bed sizes are: king size beds (200x180cm), single bed (200x90cm).

Each room in the apartment has at least 3 different lighting systems in order to create the ambient that suits you the best. Main lights and ambient lights in bedrooms can be switched on or off on each side of the bed. Night sensors can detect your movement and will lighten up the hallway and the exterior automaticaly for you.

Basic lighting system contains mostly chalendiers. The oldest one of them survived World War I. Additional lighting system consists of led ambient lights. All in all interior of the apartment is a mixture of antique and a modern stile.

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