Directions to the apartment

Directions to the apartment may differ depending on the type of a transport you use:


Approximately 300m behind the buildings is a heliport. If you land there with the helicopter, one of your hosts will await you there and reaching the apartment won't be problem at all.


If you land at the airport of Ljubljana and you have no transport of your own than we can offer you our own taxi service. It's also convenient if you notify us about that before and also about the time of your landing/arrival.

Describing the way (avoiding traffic jams): On the exit of the airport please turn on your left. Drive straight on to the green board (these indicate highways in Slovenia) with the sign Ljubljana. At that board turn on the left. Continue straight on following the green board with the sign Ljubljana. After driving under the highway the road will lead you directly on the highway toward Ljubljana. Than later after passing by the exit Lj. Center please follow Ljubljana vzhod direction. (Ljubljana East). Exit the highway at the exit Lj. Bizovik. (further details described below)


If you are coming by the highway please leave on the exit Lj.Bizovik. (it's a white board). If you are coming from the South side (Airport, Italy, Croatia) than you have to turn on your left at the traffic light in order to go toward the city center. If you're coming from the north (Austrian side) than please turn on the right at the traffic light. Now you are on the way toward the city center. Please continue driving straight on till you have crossed the Ljubljanica river. (that bridge is about 9km away from the highway you've just exit). After crossing the river (Ljubljanica river) pass the second traffic light which is standing under the following bridge and drive straight on to the traffic light on the top of the »hill«. At that traffic light please turn on your left. You have reached the apartment.


Train station and bus station are both 2.1km away from the apartment. Our taxi service can also pick you up from there. Anyway, you'll see a statue on the other side of the road »a guy on the horse« statue of Rudolf Maister. (just to indicate sides correctly). Please turn on your left and go straight on all the way to the Njegoševa road. (it begins with the embasy of Montenegro) There you turn on the right. If you miss it, turn right on the next posible crossroad. Go straight on and cross the Ljubljanica river. After crossing it at the traffic light please turn on your left. Go straight on and at the second traffic light please turn on your right. 30m ahead is the apartment. You'll also see a Hofer shopping mall. That's the place.