E&E Apartments parking.

At the E&E Apartments, ALL parking spots are for free.

We offer up to 4 secured parking spots.

Our logo indicates each of our parking spot.

For guests who come earlier or leave later, we can also offer a parking spot.


Some information regarding parking in the city of Ljubljana:

The old city center of Ljubljana is a car free zone. The parking places in it's surrounding are payable. That is why we suggest you to leave your car at the E&E Apartment in Ljubljana and go to the city center on foot. If you want to reach particular event at Arena Stožice or a huge shopping mall, the BTC city center (or any other place in BTC City) than we suggest you to use their garages and their parking places. Notice: parking in BTC city is for free. For more information about the parking in Arena Stožice and BTC city please pay attention at the last two numbers, 3 and 4.

If you still find it neccessary to use your car than check below where you can find some of the parking garages in Ljubljana.

Street parking:

At street parking spaces you will find what are called parkomats. After inserting money and entering the time of use you will receive a receipt which you must put on display in your car. Be sure to have the exact amount of money prepared since no change is given back. Paying is necessary on every working day until 7 pm and on Saturdays till 1 pm, however on Sundays and holidays parking is free of charge. Failure to pay may result in you having to pay a fine which will be more costly (approx. 20€). Parking periods range from 30 to 120 minutes.

Parking in the garage:

1.) Intention to reach: Old city center (Can be reached on foot from the Apartment)

If you're planning to park your car in the garage than we suggest you to use the Parking house Kongresni trg. It's located in the city center between the Filharmonija building and Slovenska cesta Road under the park Zvezda (A Star Park). For more info about it please click here.

parking in Ljubljana

2.) Intention to reach: Clinical center of Ljubljana (UKC Ljubljana) (Can be reached on foot from the Apartment)

If you're planning to spend some time in a hospital district near UKC Ljubljana or it's closest surrounding than we suggest you to use one of those 2 garages. The parking garage Šentpeter or The parking garage Meksiko. For more info about them please click on each of them.

parking in Ljubljanaparking in Ljubljana


3.) Intention to reach: Arena Stožice (Can not be reached on foot from the Apartment)

For some sport events or concerts which may be happening there you will need some sort of transportation to reach Arena Stožice. For more info about that garage under the arena please click here.

Notice that at some big events the garage may get full therefore we can offer you our own taxi service while your car stay at your apartment.

parking in ljubljana


4.) Intention to reach: BTC city (Can not be reached on foot from the Apartment)

In BTC city center most parking areas are free. That also include garages. For more info please click here.

parking in Ljubljana

parking in Ljubljana


Park safe.