Recreation in Ljubljana:


Recreation in Ljubljana consists of a number of sports activities during the year. Jogging, cycling, golf playing and canoeing may be limited only on the summer period of time. While other, including swimming in the outside heated pool, are available through the whole year. For any more information about the each activity simply click on it.
Activities like Dancing course, Yoga class, Fitness or a Karate Dojo are being held in neighboring properties and if you are interested in taking part in any course of them feel free to mention it to your host so he can get in touch and prearrange the one you want for you.

Jogging/Cycling: (Golovec, Park Tivoli, Ljubljana Castle, The Green Ring 

The city of Ljubljana is a very nice place for jogging and cycling. There are a lot of green areas. Park Tivoli as a Trail of Remembrance and Comradeship are more or less plain terrain while neighboring hill Golovec and the hill of Ljubljana Castle offers you some slope.


- One hundred and two octagonal memorial stones, have been installed at the former positions of the bunkers
 - 7,400 trees of 49 tree species
 - Since 1988 protected as a designed nature monument.
- The trail is used by many residents of Ljubljana each day.
- Each year since 1957, on the weekend closest to 9 May the traditional recreational March along the Wire takes place to mark the liberation of Ljubljana on 9 May 1945.
- Those who walk the entire distance and collect stamps at all eight checkpoints receive a memorial badge and a medal. 




   Canoeing, kayaking, paddling... on the Ljubljanica river. 

Dancing course

Are you interested in learning Tango? Argentinian Tango to be precise? Well your host can ask 2 world champions for you to join a lession.
Tango studio which you can also see on the picture is in distance of 15m away.

Karate class

If you are interested in some self defense or want to learn some basic self defense techniques or if you are a professional martial artist and want some seminar on that subject a karate dojo is just 30m from you. To take part in it feel free to contact your host to see a timetable for you.

Recreation in Ljubljana: (reachable by car in BTC city in Ljubljana)


Swimming is possible all year outside and inside. It takes part in a water park Atlantis where you have different pools. One is simulating a beach and waves, while other is simulating swimming in the cave, canal and also swimming out into the exterior pool. It's a wonderful experience especially at the winter time. Pool also has certain parts where you can have a water massage. In the same area you'll also have a free access to sauna and a real jacuzzi. That was only one of  the packages. Depending on other packages you can also have a world of massages in Thermal temple as Thai massage and solarium. Staff do speak English so you'll have no communication problems. We must not forget to mention that 2 pools for kids are also available with slides. There are also 3 different slides for adults which u can use as many times as you want. (LED lights in it etc.) All that 4km from the Apartment. Our taxi service can also take you there.

Indoor Carting:

That's just awesome thing to do.


Bowling/Snooker/3D cinema/Casino RIO/VIP space/:

Bowling as snooker etc. are in the Arena in the BTC-city.

The cinema:

The city of Ljubljana has many movie theaters. The one that outstrips most of them is the Kolosej in the BTC-city. All together 12 movie theaters at one place in one building. If interested in a particular movie don't worry about waiting when will it play – probably in 30min from now or if u missed it already there'll be after 1h playing again.