Recreation in Slovenia

Slovenia offers a wide range of recreational activities which you can do on your own. The most important is that you can reach them with your car, have a good time and return in a same day to the apartment. Here are some activities which outline recreation in Slovenia like swimming in the lake of Bled, swimming in the sea or swimming in the Soča river but on the other hand skiing, snowboarding etc. can be performed in a winter period of a time. Slovenia has many spa and wellness centers opened through entire year. Rafting, canoeing, cycling, mountain hiking, jogging… all of them you can do it on your own. Here we have selected few of them for you.


Winter time

Skiing, snowboarding etc. Mountain Krvavec / Mountain Vogel / Rogla / Kranjska gora / Stari vrh… Possible also at night. Possible also swimming in spa and indoor pools as some outside pools.

Deffinitely there are also other ways of recreation in a winter time in Slovenia. But let stop here for now.


Summer time

Swimming (sea, lakes, rivers, pools…), mountain hiking, mountain cycling, jogging… (most winter ski resorts offer in summer time that kind of recreation). Rafting, canoeing… we could just go on and on and on forever. Here are few ideas.

swimming Slovenia recreation
beach in Slovenia recreation
beach in Slovenia 1 recreation
swimming in Slovenia 2 recreation

Anyway for more on that subject you can ask your host for suggestion.